Headhunter water pump xcaliber

Water Pumps

Featured Pump: X-Caliber – 12-24V DC Pressure System Quiet, reliable, blasting water pressure. Combining advanced DC motor and control technology with a proven self-priming centrifugal pump, the X-caliber surges past the competition with a flood of features. A built in microprocessor interfaced with a rugged ceramic temperature and pressure sensor provides variable speed operation, prevents[…]

Headhunter Toilets

Royalflush Toilets

Hydrovac | Toilets Just one example of toilets we install from Headhunter, Inc.  The patented Royal Flush Hydro-Vac utilizes the latest in marine toilet technology. A non-electric version of our Neoclassic and Superbowl, it’s designed for use with central systems. The push button on the toilet opens the adder kit to initiate the flushing process.[…]

Sewage Treatment

Sewage Treatment

HEADHUNTER Marine Sewage Treatment Systems Headhunter’s team of engineers, fabricators, and wastewater specialists work together to provide the most innovative and efficient sewage treatment solutions. They offer in three categories STP, Physical Chemical MSD, Biological MSDs. All with standard units to custom designed units to fit our customers’ needs.   SEWAGE TREATMENT PLANT – IMO MEPC.159(55)[…]